The Unity ring
    Lockdown was a time for reflection and peace with time to design more meaningful pieces to add to my collection, because we needed more meaning and love in our lives. The unity ring was inspired to be a foil or a balance to all the splits and anger amongst people.
    I planned for the Unity ring to represent all the facets of our lives which make us who we are: the people, the things we love, our pets, the precious elements that make us whole. Then the beloved pieces are bound together with a link of love which we call the aroha band.
    The first unity ring I made for myself to signify my family, my dogs, and my service in the community, linked together with a small diamond. Since then we have custom made so many beautiful Unity rings for people according to their own preferences. Each one represents the important elements of their lives which come together as a unified whole. We can custom make your Unity ring, or you can buy one we have already made.

    The Spinner collection
    This is a lighter take on the same concept of Unity.
    This collection is constantly evolving with a bangle added to the mix. No two bangles are alike