Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

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This stunning necklace is made with graduated rainbow moonstone beads that are spaces by tiny sterling silver beads. What makes with necklace so special is that the beads are perfectly round and smooth. Most rainbow moonstone is faceted to hide any flaws within the stone, but you can see right through each of these beautiful beads. The neutral colour of the stones means you can wear them with any colour you, but you still get the excitement of the eye-catching flashes of blue that moonstone is known for.

Rainbow moonstone is an iridescent stone, and it has been told that it contains moonlight within. When you light up this gemstone it will show you a mystic shine, which maybe contain many different colours.

Necklace length: 57 cm (including extender chain)

Fitting are sterling silver 925